A bit about me… I’m a tad obsessed with green pastures and meadows. Being outdoors with bare feet and the sun on my skin brings me the simplest form of joy.  I love a good rainstorm every now and then because I live in San Diego with no seasons, so when it does rain, I love the thrill that it gives.  I am an adventurer at heart, so give me gas in my car or a plane ticket (and a camera of course), and you’ll make me one happy girl.  I could eat pesto all day long, and frozen yogurt is a serious weakness of mine.  I have been known to bust a little move here and there while photographing receptions (sometimes there’s just no containing it).  I am a hopeless romantic, dreamer, silly, determined, and very passionate about what I do.

A bit about my work… I am a natural light photographer inspired by the organic beauty that exists in real life and in real relationships. That’s where my love for photography was born. I am guilty of getting a bit giddy while shooting a couple that is head over heals for each other…. watching a love story unfold in front of my lens brings a joy that is hard to contain.   Being able to tell a story through a series of images is a beautiful thing.  I feel incredibly blessed that God has given me this chance to photograph His creations and to bring glory to Him through it.  I love discovering the individuality of each person I photograph, and learning everyone’s unique story has become such a joy to be a part of.