6 Tips To Have An Awesome Wedding Morning


1. Do something you love.

This is your day! So start it off right! If your love to do yoga, have all your girls come a little earlier and get your namaste on before everything begins! If your groom loves to surf, have all the guys go out for a surf session. Do something that you love and do it with all your closest friends and family!

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2. Turn off your phone and TVs.

A huge way to stay stress free is to turn off your phone! Delegate someone who knows all your wedding details to be your main contact person for the day of! That way they can deal with all of the messages and you can enjoy the day more. Also, turn off any TV, they are just another distraction and you want to be remembering every moment of that day without some news guy in the background.

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3. Bump up the Jams

Music can drastically change the mood of the room, so make a playlist that you know your going to love for the wedding morning! Jam with all your girls and don’t hold back when that air quitar session starts playing.

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4. Bust out the Bubblies

Everyone loves a good toast, and this is your chance to thank all your bridesmaids for all the help they’ve done! This is a great time to hand out any bridesmaid gifts you may have gotten for them as well! Plus popping a champagne bottle makes for some great photos ops!

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5. Stay on time.

I can never say this enough, staying on time means providing ample time for getting ready! I can’t tell you how many times hair and makeup has gone longer than expected and pushes back the timeline. Make sure you add 30 min to the time you think it’s going to take and you should be good!

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6. It’s your day and you can cry if you want to!

Don’t hold back! Knowing from experience, your wedding day is one of the most overwhelming feelings of love from family and friends and you just got to live in each moment! It doesn’t matter if your makeup smears or if you ugly cry, that’s what your bridesmaids are for, to fix you back up! Those are the moments you are going to want to look back on and remember!