7 Tips For Your Engagement Session

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1. Leave Early

Engagement sessions are always planned for ample lighting, so if you are running late, you are losing that light! Make sure you leave a little early so that you have time to find parking, to do last minute adjustments, or run into unexpected traffic.

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2. Location, location, location

Location is everything! The possibilities are endless and most people have no idea where to even begin. My advice to couples is to narrow it down to what you want your background to be. Is it the beach? The mountains? The city? A meadow? Figure out the basic background you want and then we can start from there! Once you know that, then I can recommend some epic places that I know of, or we can research and try out some new places! Is there a spot that is special to the both of you? Thats awesome! Just keep in mind that some areas require permits and contracts to take professional photos. Once the location and date is picked then we can work together and figure out what the best time is for lighting!

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3.Don’t know what to wear?

I got you covered! Heres a few quick tips!

1.Be mindful of Colors and patterns that clash. When in doubt, go neutral.

2. Wear something that flows and is easy to move around it.

3. Choose 2 outfits and get more variety!

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4. Have fun!

Don't think of this as a photo shoot - think of it as a date! This is your chance to step away from all the wedding stuff and just focus on your bride or groom to be! Don’t take it too seriously, crack some jokes and whisper silly things into each others ears. Just be yourselves!

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6. Flirt with each other!

It’s all about those in-between moments! Those stolen kisses, the gaze from afar and the brush of a hand. Focus on your fiancé and you’ll have nothing to worry about!

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6. Keep moving!

I have my couples moving as much as possible because that is how your photos look most natural! Move your hands, your gaze, your hair, your dress... small things like this add variety and keep the session flowing. Soft kisses on the forehead, laughing, dancing, holding hands, whispers, etc... all breathe life into your photos. Go for it!

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7. Plan to do something fun afterwards

Your all dressed up so why not make it a date night! You’ve just spend the afternoon flirting and sharing kisses, so why not continue that over dinner! Make it a date! Don’t talk about wedding stuff and just have fun! Go out to a movie, try an ice cream shop you been wanting to try, go bowling, could be anything, just spend the evening together!