What to Wear for your Engagement Shoot

San Diego Engagement photography at San Juan Capistrano022.jpg


Avoid clashing patterns and choose something that complements each other

This is pretty straight forward, If you were wanting to wear a floral dress, then choose something for him that is neutral and can complement it. You want to avoid wearing patterns that are completely different, because even though they might look awesome on their own, they do the opposite effect when standing next to each other.

Also, I know that being super matchy matchy was all the rage in the 90s, but now you want to wear something that represents you! Bring your own style and personality to it! Them from there you can work to complement what your fiancé is wearing.

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Wear something that flows and is easy to move around it

During my engagement shoots I love to have you moving around as much as possible! Weather its walking together, spinning each other around, climbing something for the shot, I’m going to have you moving, because thats part of how you can get some great photos! So for the ladies, I suggest wearing a dress or blouse that is flowy. Not only are they beautiful, but they end up photographing so well with the wind blowing through them.



Choose 2 outfits

Two outfits are great because you can get more variety in your photos. Also, If you still can’t narrow it down to two, then bring all your options and we can narrow them down together! We'll consider light, location, temperature, and comfort level to help decide. Engagement photos are all about capturing who you are as a couple and I want you both to feel your best!